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My name is Rebecca Mrsny (pronounced Mer-snee, and easily spelled as Mrs NY). I have created Awareness Counseling because I believe that given a little guidance, support and simple-to-use tools people can achieve a level of self-awareness capable of addressing whatever difficult situation they are facing.  I can provide that for you.

I understand the hesitancy in reaching out for help through counseling. You might be thinking some of the following:

  • “I should be able to handle this on my own"
  • “How do I know if this person will actually be able to help, to make a difference?”
  • “It’s uncomfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings and personal information with someone I don’t even know; maybe I shouldn’t be talking about this.”
  • “Can I trust that what I say will be kept confidential?”
  • “It gets costly. Do I really need to do this?”

These are all very normal thoughts when considering counseling.  Therefore, I have created an empowering approach to counseling that I believe to be a cooperative method to addressing the issues of concern:

... Imagine sitting across the table with someone who is a trained, experienced and caring professional. She listens attentively, without judgment, as you share the circumstances you are facing. As you talk, she creates a structure of your situation. She asks deliberate questions that require you to examine more closely, more deeply. Then she guides you to step back to grasp what is actually taking place. As she helps you become increasingly aware, you put the pieces altogether into a whole, you begin to recognize how you want to proceed.  You decide what you are ready for and what path to take.   You feel hopeful. Energized. Unstuck. Ready to take some action. Something inside of you has shifted. The issue is now a manageable size.  You think:  "Yes, I can do this!"